Saturday, June 23, 2018

Össur Running & Mobility Clinics presented by Challenged Athletes Foundation (23 Jun 2018)

"Wow!" I can't describe the experience in any other way. I was asked by the Challenged Athletes Foundation to photograph the Össur Running & Mobility Clinic at Catholic University on June 23, 2018. The clinic offered individuals with limb loss the opportunity to learn from world renowned gait experts Dr. Robert S. Gailey, PhD, PT, and Peter D. Harsch, C.P., the opportunity to meet with peers and practice ways to move better, easier and quicker with their prosthesis.

The large group of participants benefited tremendously from the clinic. As a witness to the event, I believe I benefited even more. Every day life presents each of us with challenges and I've never experienced any as significant as these athletes, yet their outlook and determination throughout the day was always positive and uplifting. As you look through the photos, you can't help but notice the smiles. It struck me deep and will always be with me when I think I've been presented with too difficult of a challenge.

Being inspired by the clinic, I broke all of my own rules in the number of photos taken, delivered and posted to the blog. My apologies in advance to those who browse the 1,129 photos I've uploaded to the gallery. Please find below some highlights of the day. (Photo gallery)

This event was also covered by Stars and Stripes and

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